Scan Cleanup

Your scans, our concern. Simply send your raw 3D models (OBJ, WRL, PLY) and textures and we make them ready for your application.


Just follow the next few steps:

  1. Go to Wetransfer
  2. Select your files (meshes, textures, logo's)
  3. Enter your requirements and billing info
  4. Send to
  5. Receive feedback + quote
  6. Confirm and receive your cleaned up digital files
  7. Done!

Scan Cleanup?

Yes! Scan cleanup for is a challenging task. We work with highly skilled 3D modelers and in-house developed software. This way we deliver high quality in a cost-effective way.

Our scan cleanup is not limited to creating a 3d-print-ready mesh. We touch up the texture and shape, remove scanned floor and disconnected components, add a baseplate if needed, make the mesh hollow with escape holes, and many more. Just let us know what your wishes are, and we let you know what is possible.


Please let us know what your wishes are. Find some examples here:

  • Size: (e.g 1:10) or (e.g 15 cm or 5 inch)
  • Volume: solid / hollow
  • Baseplate logo: no / yes + image
  • Baseplate reference code: / none
  • Baseplate: round / square
  • Special requirements: <...>
  • Quote: send quote first / process without quote

New User?

Welcome! Please send us an email with your billing info so we can create a correct invoice:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Country
  • VAT number
  • Email
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